All About Me !! - Tracey

I’ll start by telling you a little about my family and I as we’re the people you are going to be dealing with!!

I moved to Kent in June 2001 whilst awaiting the birth of my daughter Abby, who arrived on 5th September.

We soon had a new addition to our family; he is called Billy and was born in June 2004.

Billy has a Diagnosis of ASD, at present he attends a specialized school full-time and enjoys it very much, as billy has grown I have learn a lot about autism and gained various training over the years to help identify and support him with the many challenges he faces daily, the experience of the condition I have gained over the years has been invaluable and has meant I have been able to care for many other  children with the condition over the years and at present, as well as supporting their families  where and if needed, and with that I have continued to gain experience with the many different traits that can presented throughout the spectrum. I grew up in Middlesex and before going on maternity leave was a recruitment consultant with Brook Street. I enjoyed this job very much but I enjoy looking after children more!

My Partners name is Craig. Craig retired from the armed forces in March 2020 after serving as a Royal Engineer for 23years. Since then he has been working alongside me, and together we are able to offer an all-round family environment to our monkeys. Craigs three youngest children Evie, Ava and Henry have recently come to live with us in Dec 2020 and are now settling in to a new primary school locally which they seem to enjoy very much.

I have been looking after children since I was 13, starting with regular babysitting and moving on by the time I was 15 to looking after 2 children (aged 3&5) every other weekend from Fri.-sun, its always been something I’ve really enjoyed. I couldn’t wait to start my own family and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to start Child minding and do what I enjoy most.

I grew up within a large family of 7 sisters and 4 brothers so I am used to lots of noise and children around me, and love that I have been able to create my own large crazy family, and thrive on a busy life J

We have a Dog called Oscar, he is a Weimaraner. He is the loveliest, gentlest most placid dog you could ever meet and loves nothing more than to be petted and fussed by the children and he will often be found either snoozing as he is getting quite old or right in the middle of all the(organised) chaos ;), a miniature Dachshund called Ruby who we rehomed in November 2019 to help one of our little monkeys families out. We also 5 cats, a big fluffy cat called Pepper who only graces us with her presence in the evenings …. Once all the children have gone home for the day! Two black cats called Bella and Cookie… They are extremely gentle and friendly and love to lay and let the children of all age’s stroke them, our white and grey cat called…Frog… he was born in Aug 2018 and is very quickly growing…he seems to think he is a dog and that Oscar is his mummy… its very sweet and very funny to see! Loki moved in with us in the summer of 2020 after we helped to rehome him.J Not forgetting Bear our house rabbit, we adopted early 2020, he is a giant cross and gets bigger every day! Moose ... My sons pet Royal Python :-D Please dont be alarmed ;-) snakes are actually gentle docile creatures, he mostly curls up asleep in his water bowl, he is completely harmless and the children love to visit him when Billy is home from school, even the parents warming to him, getting over any fear they had of snakes and realising what a great addition he has become to our ever growing Family, and finally our 2 gecko’s, a Leopard Gecko called Pop and a Golden Crested Gecko called Corn that we rehomed Summer 2020 to help a neighbour 😊 Well that I believe has introduced you to thee Cheeky Monkey Family … and…Petting Zoo! 

And finally, a little about the service I will offer you…….

I currently look after children of various ages mostly on a part-time basis, there ages range from 6months to 11 years. Some are year round, some are term time only and some are holidays only. I also look after children for holiday cover and emergency care, I am very flexible!

The children we care for have attended various courses and after–school clubs whilst in our care, these have included - swimming lessons, dancing, football, brownies, computer club, sing along club, keep fit and dance. Some of these clubs are offered at their school and some are private courses that their parents have signed them up for. We have always done our best to ensure that all our monkeys continue to have the same opportunities to join in these extracurricular activities whilst they are within our care that they would have if they were being cared for at home, timetable permitting, we will always endeavour to remain as flexible as possible. I am happy to take your child to any activity they would normally attend, or you would like them to join, timetable permitting of course!

During School hours we enjoy taking part in various toddler groups in the local area, activity groups including, Music Mayhem, Teeny Boppers and enjoy outings to soft play fun at Kid Zone, Fun Drum, Adventure time, Larkabout, Brewster’s and Monkey Bizz being one of our favourites. We enjoy short days out during school hours to Kent Life, Museums, the Seaside and Forrest Trails, regular visits to parks, lakes, and longer days out during school holidays.

All activities and outings will only go ahead with your permission and there may be an extra charge if an admission fee is required. We have fully insured cars and all car seats and equipment needed so transport is not a problem.

We enjoy lots of creative play at home, which includes dressing up/role play, painting, play dough, baking, arts and crafts and music time. We have a secure garden where we love to play when it’s not raining too much and have lots of things to do for all ages, i.e. A trampoline, ride on toys, bikes and scooters, pop-up tents and tunnels, large trampoline and a paddling pool for the hotter days.

I believe in children learning through play and always encourage it.

We also have quiet times where we may relax with a short film, TV program or a story or two. (Even children need a break sometimes!)  

I use a very comprehensive Software system called BabysDays, which enables us to communicate and instantly share precious moments and memories with the parents of the children in our care. We are able to instantly share children’s progress in their Learning and Development, Achievements, WOW moments, Daily updates and Dairy, Photos and Videos. Parents are able to stay updated via the live feed through an App on their phone or on a desk top site. Parents are able to interact and comment on their child’s day. Babysdays is a completely secure system allowing access for parents to view and contribute to their child’s development. 
Finally and most importantly….

We believe every child should be given the opportunity to achieve his or her potential in life. This starts from a very early age and we will do everything to facilitate as many experiences as possible within a warm and caring environment to lead to this achievement.

Please also allow me to introduce you to my team!

Who Am I? - Jenna

Hi, my name is Jenna and I am 31 years old and I live in Maidstone. I was born in Maidstone and have lived in and around the town for most of my life.

I have recdently had a baby and have just started by Maternity Leave
I have one younger brother and one younger sister, and I am very close to them as I am the rest of my family. Since a young age I’ve helped my mum to take care of my younger brother, who is 10 years my junior, and from this I have always wanted to have a career in childcare.

I have been volunteering at a pre-school for children with special needs since the beginning of 2015. I loved working there as I very much enjoy helping others, especially children.

Previous to volunteering at the playschool, I have worked in caring jobs such as being a Nursing Assistant at Maidstone Hospital and caring for people in the community as well as in nursing homes.

I have been working at Cheeky Monkeys now since Sept 2016, I am trained in paediatric first aid, beginners Makaton, and Safeguarding.

I have completed my Level 3 Qualification in Childcare, and ensure I keep all of my qualifications and knowledge up to date through regular CPD.

I’m also registered as a Childminder with Ofsted and hold an enhanced DBS Certificate

I have a diploma in horticulture and have previously spent time volunteering at the Blackthorn Trust in Barming, Maidstone. I very much enjoy gardening and watching things grow and flourish, which I think transfers with my nurturing nature into helping children to develop and thrive.I love being a part of the Cheeky Monkeys family!


Who Am I ?? - Kayleigh

Hello, my name is Kayleigh, I am 24 years old. I have lived in Larkfield all of my life and I am lucky enough to live just down the road from Cheeky Monkeys! 

I am currently living with my mum, dad and youngest brother along with my dog called Dexter, he is a 5 year old black lab. I also have an older brother who is married.

I completed my Level 1 Childcare Qualification and went on to complete a Level 2 Qualification in Health and Social care whilst attending MidKent College.

I found that I really enjoyed the idea of working in childcare and my journey began when I was employed as a nursery nurse with Bright Horizons, I worked for this company part-time for around 3 years, gaining some invaluable experience aswell as building on my existing knowledge of childrens care, Learning and Development through by completing additional training at any offered opportunity.

I started working for Cheeky Monkeys in October 2018. I felt it was time start looking for a more permanent full time position and I was eager to receive further training and progress in my chosen career. Since becoming part of the Cheeky Monkeys family I have been given the opportunity for further training and I have now completed my Level 3 Diploma in Children's Care Learning and Development and have become an Early Years Educator. I enjoy learning and putting into practice the many different ways we can encourage children to thrive. I am registered with Ofsted, I hold a Paediatric First Aid Certificate, have completed Safeguarding a training, hold and enhanced DBS Certificate and ensure my training and knowledge is kept up to date through Continuous Professional Development.

 I am really enjoying being a part of the Cheeky Monkeys Family! 

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Who Am I? - Brandi

​​​Hi, my name is Brandi, I have just joined the family at Cheeky Monkeys as an Apprentice Childcare Assistant. I was born in Chatham in 1998 and mostly grew up in the area as well as the Isle of Sheppey. I currently live on the Isle of Sheppey along with my partner & my little boy, we have a gorgeous lively little dog called Prince. I have grown up within a large family setting, having 3 sisters and 5 brothers, which as you can imagine has bought many, many little feet running around to be cared for over the years! So far having 18 nieces & nephews and that doesn’t include cousins… Crazy, I know!

Since a very young age I have always loved caring for & looking after children and have been lucky enough to have had many opportunities with my forever growing wider family alone. It has always been said that I have ‘The Magic Touch’, which makes me smile a lot.

I am very close to my mum who I visit with and stay with as often as I can, I have an especially close connection with my father and one of my older brothers who I have been lucky enough to be able to live just next door to for many years now. My Brother has Muscular Dystrophy and I have the special job of caring for and helping him on a daily basis with his every day needs and tasks. I am so happy to have found a job working towards my chosen career whilst still being there for my brother as it means so much to me <3x

In the evenings once I’ve put my own little monkey to bed, I have found a great love for cleaning and keeping things organised! This gives me a great sense of achievement and satisfaction (Tracey has already assured me she is very excited to allow me time to enjoy my favourite hobby at the setting wherever possible! Ha-ha). My next love is, to curl up on the sofa with a nice cup of tea and watch my latest box set, and if he has been good I may even let my partner Bobby join me ;-).

I was one of those little girls that dreamed of and very matter-of-factly insisted

…”When I grow up I am going to be a Mummy or a Teacher!”…

I have always had a huge desire to work within a child orientated setting, believing that eventually, one day I would find the opportunity to follow my dream.

I was extremely excited to have been given this amazing opportunity to work for Tracey and Craig at Cheeky Monkeys having heard so much about them, also alongside some amazing child carers that I am already getting to know. I will be working on a part-time basis as I will also be Studying for my Level 2 Childcare Qualification at the same time which I am so thankful for. I am hoping that this will be bumped up to a Level 3 Qualification though, as I have been told I am a good candidate for it! And there is still time! …

I will make sure all the Cheeky Monkeys know that - Dreams really can come true… If you work hard enough for it! 

I’m so excited to get to know you all and to get to know & care for your Cheeky Little Monkeys!

Call us today on 07984 619292

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​​Who Am I ?? - Katie

Hi, my name is Katie and I am 24 years old and I live in Ditton so not too far away from Cheeky Monkeys. I live at home with my Mum, Dad, Younger Sister and the family cat Cilla but am in the process of buying my own house so I am very excited!

I have many hobbies but my main one is Scouting, I am Assistant Beaver Scout Leader for Ditton Monday Beavers. I have been with the Beavers for more than six years but only been an assistant leader for a couple years.

I was previously working at St Peter and St Pauls pre-school in Ditton, I began my journey as a placement student whilst studying for my Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and during my placement I was offered a permanent Position which helped me finish my qualification.

I originally started work for Cheeky Monkeys in Oct 2018 as a childcare assistant for adhoc and emergency cover whilst still assisting at the pre-school. I was thrilled to be offered a permanent position starting in January 2019 as from my first day I have really enjoyed working here and have built very strong bonds with all the children and remain super excited to be a part of the Cheeky Monkey family.

 I have two Level 3 qualifications in childcare, one of which I completed whilst attending college and the next I completed alongside building my experience my previous job. I feel completing this whilst working with children built on the knowledge I had already gained in the childcare industry and was useful in educating me further in what it takes to help and get the best out of children to ensure they learn what they need and how they need to enabling them the best possible start in there Learning Journey. I have also completed a further 2  level 3 qualifications alongside these, one of them in Health and Social Care and the other in Public Services.

I have completed Paediatric First aid and Safeguarding training as well taking part in regular CPD courses ensuring my qualifications and knowledge remain up to date.

I am registered with Ofsted and have an Enhanced DBS Certificate.I am super excited to be a part of the Cheeky Monkeys family.