Childminding Service

Here at Cheeky Monkeys we realise........

A good balanced diet is vital for children to develop healthily along with fresh air and regular exercise.

I am happy to provide all children in my care with healthy meals, snacks and drinks, or to cook/serve food provided by their parents.

I encourage children to choose healthy option
s and to experiment by trying new foods from other cultures. Older children are encouraged to help in the preparation of food and meals. I am happy to discuss menus with parents and cater for children with different food allergies and cultural/religious requirements. If your child has any particular dislikes or favourite dishes please let me know.

I will record what your child has eaten and approximate amounts in the daily diary if required. If you have any concerns regarding diet/menu/quantity please do not hesitate to discuss it with me.

I am happy to support you if you are weaning your baby. We prefer to follow baby led weaning as find find this extremely successful for teaching children to eat a variety of textures and flavours, I also have a blender and am willing to make pureed dishes if required.

Here at Cheeky Monkeys we do our best to assist you with keeping your child healthy, 

Did you Know a Child needs...........